Meet the New Webtoon Platform with Blockchain

We are creating a new platform based on blockchain technology that both creators and consumers participating on the platform can benefit.

ARTUBE Platform

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Webtoon Platform

ARTUBE guarantees maximum freedom of the creators and provides various BMs to offer more revenue-generating opportunities.

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Combination of Blockchain Technology

We guarantee transparent settlement of revenue generated on the digital media platform through blockchain technology and protect the rights of the creative work.

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Move Towards a Seamless Platform

ARTUBE aims to be a total media platform where you can find all digital media in one place, starting as a webtoon platform to offering streaming services.


Korean Webtoon Service Market Size

The digital webtoon market, which has grown exponentially since 2010 with the spread of smartphones, is already overpowering the market size of comic book publications. Previously, webtoons were considered less engaging compared to publications, but they succeeded in gaining public attention by overcoming their limitations through securing diverse directions and promoting the accessibility of reading anytime, anywhere.

Along with the development of online services, webtoons have discovered and fostered mega-hit works called “Super IP”, and based on this, according to Korea Creative Content Agency, the webtoon market’s direct service sales recorded KRW 1 trillion and the market size of KRW 7 trillion in 2021. However, it doesn’t end here. The overall industry size is expected to continue growing with the expansion of webtoons to secondary value-added creative works, such as films, dramas, animations, and games.

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ARTUBE Webtoon Platform

ARTUBE Project aims to distribute revenue created by creators in a ratio that everyone can agree upon. The Art-Point value spent on the platform is inversely calculated, and settlement is made according to the set ratio.

Webtoon creators’ revenue on ARTUBE is divided into paid webtoon payments and direct fan sponsorships. Paid webtoons is a method in which consumers spend Art-Points converted through ATT and PG services, which accumulates sales, and creators receive revenue according to the contract conditions. In contrast, sponsorships are structured to provide the creators with most of the revenue, excluding fees necessary for minimal platform operational support.

The creators’ settlement of paid webtoon sales, which is expected to generate most of the revenue, is set according to the contract with the platform. However, ARTUBE will provide additional funds by calculating the grades of creators continuously active on the platform based on their contribution level.

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Future Direction of the Artube Webtoon Platform

ARTUBE’s webtoon platform aims to establish a structure that liberates digital media content, including webtoons, from business models that monopolize rights by providing more opportunities to creators through low entry barriers and diverse content sales models and building an ecosystem where consumers and creators can coexist based on blockchain technology.


Provide a familiar usage experience
through user-customized UI


Allow users to register easily with
minimal personal information


Reduced the burden of payment with virtual assets
through automized market price calculations


Provide a reliable, transparent
settlement system using blockchain


Support communities between
consumers and creators by providing
a creator open marketplace


Provide personal uploading space for
new creators


Artube platform plans to support the
NFT minting system that allows creators’
work to be unique in the future

플랫폼 아이콘 및 설명

Artube Marketplace

Meeting all digital content in one place, Artube Marketplace

Creators need an NFT minting function for their work, a marketplace to register their work, and a reliable wallet for easy transactions. Now, you can solve everything on one platform with ARTUBE.

Be a leader in the virtual economy of the future. Through a new, creative, and economical ARTUBE platform, participate in the NFT-based metaverse where the virtual and the real come together.

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ARTUBE NFT Marketplace


NFT’s Possibilities

ARTUBE can be used to safely store and show all digitally created works. From images, such as webtoons and drawings, to multimedia works, such as videos and music. And it can be used to protect certificates and contracts.


Excellent Scalability

ARTUBE’s Marketplace goes beyond simple NFT transactions, providing an environment where users can engage with diverse content provided on the platform and connect directly with creators. To expand further, we will conduct various industrial services, such as improving the relationship between influencers and consumers and hosting events and competitions.


Create Smart Art

Creators can create, register, and sell their own digital media works using the blockchain as a canvas through the ARTUBE platform’s NFT technology Earn profits from your creative activities in the most trendy way right now.


More Advanced Technology

ARTUBE’s NFT Marketplace makes the best use of the unique aspects of the decentralized blockchain of the Klaytn network. Through this, it has a safer and excellent scalability compared to other platforms.

OTT Industry

The global OTT market is a rapidly growing industry due to the explosive growth of the contactless market and the development of internet media.


ARTUBE aims to create an environment where creators and fans can participate together by applying blockchain technology that allows transparent rewards to producers on their content creation.


ARTUBE Project will create a next-generation media
platform that leads the new content market centered
around creators.

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ARTUBE’s vision is differentiated processes and creative content.

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We carry out development and support processes for creators who have the potential to grow.

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We guarantee fair and transparent revenue by moving away from stimulating materials with endless competition.

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We strengthen creators’ brands and produce diverse ads through content that only ARTUBE can provide.


Meet blockchain in your everyday life, Art-Point

The way to use all content of ARTUBE, Art-Point.

Art-Point, which can be exchanged to ATT anytime, is a special internal currency of ARTUBE based on blockchain that allows you to experience digital content with assurance in a safe, transparent space.


Service Advantage

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Influencer Marketing Support

We plan to support various methods and promotions using creator marketing, such as recruiting models and hosts for branded content, sponsorship, and product placement. This will be sent to all channels, including ARTUBE’s YouTube and social media, to maximize the promotional effect.

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Marketing Channel Management Agent

We set long-term planning direction to strategize channel management projects for companies and individual users and support video exposure for top searches. Continuous video uploads and top exposure will increase the promotional effect of the brand/product/service/channel.

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Partnership Advertising Production

We provide the best one-stop advertising service from planning to directing, filming, and editing by partnering with Korea’s best companies. We help produce advertising content that matches project budgets and various purposes, such as company / service / product / viral.



All content production activities of creators, who are the foundation of ARTUBE, must be carried out with fair, autonomous, and reasonable rewards.



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Content Marketing

We help promote uploaded videos fairly and effectively through the ARTUBE Open List Plan, first exposed at the top of the video channel.

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Fair Revenue

When settling revenue of the uploaded content, we guarantee transparent and reliable revenue distribution using Smart-Contract technology that automatically records on the blockchain.

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Influencer Marketing

Through the ARTUBE platform, influencers using ARTUBE are connected first to companies conducting marketing, providing more opportunities for activities.